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-Sandra Wiebe, Owner, Routes Media Inc

"Michelle! Thanks for chatting with me! I really enjoyed our chat! ... you write a great article and you've dug deeper than most of the folks that read the books. I thank you for this... All the best" 
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"Michelle, thank you so much for your wonderful review. You had us all walking on air. You really understood the relationships well. I know your review will help get people out to see our show... All the best"
Patti Harelkin, Living Room Theatre, Play 'Absurd Person Singular' 

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- Tim D. Comeau, BSc,

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- Pauline Couture, author ICE Beauty, Danger, History, McArthur & CO


"Michelle - your article in the Canadian Aviator magazine was very good. Thanks for mentioning our museum along with such prestigious organization as the CAF and the Canadian War Museum in regards to displays of Nose Art!"
- Bob Evans, Curator Nanton Lancaster Museum


"Thanks for a well done nose art story!"

- Clarence Simonsen, Author, Artist and world-expert on Military Nose Art 


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- Jordan Eske,


"Michelle - the picture and the article, just perfect, well done job." 
- Alain Dubreuil, cover feature ROUTES Magazine 


"Michelle - thank you for the generous article ... Have a happy Alberta Centennial." 
- RFM McInnis, artist A is Alberta: A Centennial Alphabet 


"Michelle - thank you for the wonderful review of the book" 
- John Kurtz, Publisher Simple Truth Publication 

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